Wednesday, September 7, 2011

kesakitan kekakian

hr ni hr ke4 orntasi....but im not joining because of the pains ive got from the last long run...pretty staying in my room but i cant sleep....mlm td x ckup tdo...n i had fight with him...luckily,we have getting better this morning...but not completely good yet...he is in depression...he said,maybe because he was thinking about his ex whom getting married this month...n for extra, i think he lost his spirit cause he got a bad dream recently...i do have weird dream too...i dreamed there are lot of people gathering together,including my did frighten me a bit....there is say that if we dream of people gathering,mostly it will be a death... whatever it is,i really hope that there's nothing worse thing happens....n i hope,he will recover his lost spirit n we can be in nice air like always...ilyn!!

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