Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hopefully it is a real final hurt...

Last monday, he said it very clearly than before...."yup dats rite dear,u r juz a tools,doll,slave to me.nothing more than that.gdbye"....even though I knew it earlier, but its still hurt me so much when he said that....its like I got hurt in a pool that full with blade of gilette brand.... I can't do anything about that..I have to leave such bastard... I don't care about myself anymore..rite now, I want to take care of mom...I'm sure she didn't gave birth of me to see I'm ruining my life juz bcoz of a guy that couldn't be able to consider either human or animal...he is far worst than that.. I'm begin to collect my broken self piece by piece....even very slow, better than keep myself shutdown rite... I still hav my world...I got mom,friends,sibling.... I still breathing even I felt dead.. doesn't that means Allah still hopes me to get arise again??? I had failed a lot in many things but I shouldn't failed on this matter... I want to prove that I'm strong inside me... not juz behave like boyish but crybaby.... I don't want to cry anymore! I want to save my tears for the time I'm successfully rise again someday..I wanna give out tears of joy,grateful,proud.... not for that supershit naz or other guy of that....  MEN R SUCKS! Believe me naz...nothg goes well for u after this.....I don't wish u bad but I don't wish u well..... I have take some step to arising....first, i cut my hair like b4 i met that bastard....second, I keep listening to 'I Will Survive' song as burner for my frozen heart....third..I begin to be occupied with fun things with, I'm not sure yet...hehe.... Hopefully everyone will support me... Cheers for the arising!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

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