Thursday, March 3, 2011


finally...I understand the stories behind me....he never loved me..he just acting all nice to bait me that he can use me to accomplish his tasks...he keep coming 2 me when he have assignments especially subject that use was almost like I'm replacing his place....after I done,he just left n cheering happily with his friends...he didn't even look at me when we bump into each other....when I'm going 2 shopping,he ask me 2 buy his things..when I'm reject it,he got mad n said ''if we don't contact each other at all is fine as long as U buy what I wants''....he even said by himself that all nice characters of him r fake... I have to admit that he is really a good actor...d impact was too huge for me to take...I really want to believe that he loves me...4 real....but I cant force the fact to change as my desires wanted to be....

I don't know how long it will take for me to be able accept the unwanted fact.... but I tried to think positive....all my memories n experiences with him thought me so much thing....n I had changed a lot since I met him...I tried to be more feminine, less stubborn, tolerate, patience, softness, lessons...I promised my self to be better and that I can be a good partner to my next guy(if God willing..hehe)...I promised myself to be d best partner so that he can regret of unappreciate me.... Theres no meaning of mourning about such fakah,jerk,backstabber,bastard,keji,meany like him right? kate zaa, let begone be bygone.... Dunia blum kiamat....esok msih ad....ak pn msih bnyawa.... kejamnye aku lau aku sia2kan usaha mak aku lahirkan aku lau aku habiskan hdup aku dgn mnangisi seorang laki yg x lyk lgsg dipanggil mnusia..kucing aku pn lg mulia dr dia...hmph! Lastly, aku harap akan dapat seorang lelaki yang lebih baik lepas ni..yg mampu bimbing aku untuk jd pasangan yg baik n mmbahagiakan....amin ya rabbal alamin

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