Monday, January 10, 2011


Im juz finished surfing about math difficulties just now......and there is a symptom called dyscalculia..... I haven't read entire info but I copied them into word document for future views... I think there are some symtoms that happen to me.... it quite scary when i think about what will happen to me in there courses or field that I can avoid math?? That subject really killed me.... It affect my grade...thats why I've been fighting 2 do the best in other subjects so that I can cover up my math.... I'm really felt sorry 4 my math teachers..... 

I really wish I could share some good brains in math....Its very depressing lately...I got just band 3 in MUET, having exam, homesick,loneliness,uneasy about my appliance to university.....Phew......

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