Tuesday, February 1, 2011

its all dreams...

'i love u', 'i really2 need u in my life', 'i will take care of u forever', 'im the most important in his life'...lots more.... I really cant believe the guy that told me all these left me rite now...y cant he see my sacrifices? i let go of a very nice guy 4 him...i train myself to be better,adorable girl...just need times... at least im better than him whom never even try to change for better at all... and now,he said im so worst,n keep hurting me by lot of harsh n sharp word bluntly....he want a very nice partner??? Does he being a nice partner?? NO! not at all! i keep staying by his side bcoz i love him. I dont want to waste after what we had been through...he once kept saying about matured relation...is he into it ? no! i really wish he will having the worst life ever after this...really wished...keep ur eyes open, bullshit....

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